Disney Magical Dice : The Enchanted Board Game

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A Disney Monopoly game for the whole family


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Disney Magical Dice : The Enchanted Board Game is a fun game for players of all ages. In this game, you can play against people from all around the world as you buy Disney-themed properties on this fun Monopoly-style board that includes tons of your favorite movies.

One of the fun parts of this game is choosing your favorite Disney character to play with. You'll have to compete against other users in real time and roll the dice and buy things from different movies, like a jar of honey, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, a tree house, etc. You'll have to rely on luck to land on the empty spaces to snatch them up, then wait for your opponent to fall on your property so they have to pay. At the end of the game, you'll get experience that will improve your luck, making it more likely that you'll roll better numbers.

The gameplay in Disney Magical Dice : The Enchanted Board Game is the same as the classic game in that you're trying to take all your opponent's money. The money is divided equally at the beginning of the game, but whoever makes the best investments will win. Enjoy this Disney-themed world with other players and invest in items from your favorite movies.